Friday, September 22, 2006

Jews of Iran, Documentary فیلم یهودیان ایران

Jews of Iran یهودیان ایران יהודי אירן

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Documentary, 52 min, 2005, The Jewish Broadcaster of Dutch TV
Persian spoken, English subtitled & narrated

Directed and Produced by: Ramin Farahani

Press and Festivals described this film as:
Path breaking, Courageous, Highly sympathetic, Touching, Informative

Best documentary nominee at
Jewish Eye film festival 2006

Synopsis: This film takes you on a rare journey through Iran's Jewish communities from Tehran to Isfahan and finally to Shiraz, where the infamous case against Jews accused of spying took place.
Director Ramin Farahani illuminates the vast discrimination of Jews in Iran, while simultaneously revealing the rich and passionate culture of a community, their strong relationship to their country, and their hopes for the future.

Article Citation: Roya Hakakian, author of Journey from the Land of No, is an Iranian Jew who moved from Iran to the United States twenty years ago. Although skeptical at first about a portrayal of Jews in Farahani’s documentary, she truly loved it after she saw it. Hakakian didn’t expect the film to be “so well done and so well investigated” and sincerely felt “the curiosity” of Farahani portrayed through the film. She said that by creating Jews of Iran Farahani has formed “an alternate of Iranian history, compared to what the regime is expressing and what the world is led to believe [about Iran].”... Full Story. *

Selected by the biggest Jewish Film Festivals:

New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Warsaw

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Hossein said...

I really enjoyed this film. Any new plans?

Anonymous said...

Is there a trailer available?

Ramin Farahani رامین فراهانی said...

There is no trailer online. Among the links mentioned in this post there is a video link and an article including a video of few scenes from the film:,7340,L-3409022,00.html

Caroline Durand said...

I`d like to watch the documentary to help me write a paper for my university about the jews in Iran. But the works needs to be ready in 20 days, and I live in Brazil, so there`s no time to deliver the DVD. Is there any other way that I could watch it?