Monday, October 09, 2006

See this amazing political animation!

The Dutch film festival has launched it's first Online festival this year, to offer a podium for films which are exclusively made for Internet, and also for films which couldn't enter the main festival.

The winner of this first edition is an amazing short animation with a sober but very intelligent plot. This 5 minutes film, titled "The Washing Machine", leads you almost unnoticed into a daily virtual experience, leaving you behind disillusioned by it's denouement: the state of having distance with war, and being responsible for it.

Watch this interesting work of Douwe Dijkstra here:
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فیلم پویانمایی " ماشین رختشویی"، برگزیده ی جشنواره ی آنلاین هلند را روی لینکهای بالا ببینید

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