Saturday, November 04, 2006

Awarded Holocaust Cartoons

Misspelled title on the related poster
The holocaust cartoon contest in Tehran, has announced its winners. This event got a vast coverage worldwide, from very begining. But the selected caricatures have not been published in news(CNN).
Below you can see the winning cartoons and the link to other selected works.
Surprisingly the knowledge about the holocaust has grown among Iranians, after so much international discussions around this historical tragedy. Even Ahmadinejad softened his tone a bit, in an interview with Spiegel: "We are saying that if the Holocaust occurred, then Europe must draw the consequences and that it is not Palestine that should pay the price for it".
It seems that both Iranian and Israeli governments seek their own benefit by increasing tension in the region and the world, backed by US. This situation misleads the attention from many question marks including daily killings in Iraq, suppression of Iranian people inside the country and the use of violence against Palestinians by Israeli government. Read this related article: Who is targeting Iran- and Why?
The essence of a caricature is exaggeration. The artist must be free to tease others, satirize stories, and even change usual things and subjects into a provocative form. However, this does not mean that an artist is completely free to hurt many people, whether by denying a tragic fact or by insulting them, no matter Jews or Moslems. I also think that viewing these kinds of cartoons is better than arguing about them without knowing what we are talking about.
The first cartoon is too confusing. I am against that wall, but the picture on the wall seems too much. I like the second cartoon, because it shows clearly how the past reflects itself in present, making new victims. I hate the last one, because this French cartoonist is lying to us, and that is why he wants to stay anonymous. Holocaust was not a décor that Faurisson’s theory should lay it down. Although, he had the right to investigate and doubt any subject, including holocaust.
Please share your feeling about these cartoons by leaving a comment. See also ADL article on these cartoons.

Derkaoui Abdellah / Morocco / First Prize: 12000 $

Carlos Latuff / Brazil / Second Prize: 4000 $

A-Chard / France / Second Prize: 4000 $

> The Results of Holocaust Cartoon Contest-2006

> Photos of selecting jury


Anonymous said...

After showing the world the pic's now, do you imagine there will be crazed riots and killing all over the world? NO!!

That is just the freaks and nutters that are the brain dead EXTREMISTS in the islamic religion.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Truly sad tht anyone would question something so horrific and something that is documented and confirmed by those that survived. It is sick that a sovereign government in our time would approve of such a thing.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you send back to back the threats of destruction against Israel uttered by the Islamic regime of Tehran with Israel`s responses to said threats. Israel has no quarrel with Iran, but the Iran regime apparently has to the point of threatening Israel daily with destruction. Also, I fail to understand your appreciaion of the second cartoon. Nothing about the Palestinians ressembles the genocide of European Jewry. And no drawing that originated from a competition bent on ridiculing the said genocide can be found to have any other merit than underlining the hatred of its organizers. I would have expected better from the director of such a fine documentary as Jews in Iran.

Ramin Farahani رامین فراهانی said...

My reply to comments, especially the last one: I appreciate your feedback and I regret the fact that governments do or say things, which can put nations against each other. However, we must not get in panic by those who want to keep us in constant panic and fear for each other. That is why I prefer to share than hide... If we are moderate world citizens with universal values, we cannot just see the facts from one point of view. Check out this hard talk video about the latest conflict to see how big is the gap, and why we need to listen to each other, even when we dislike things we hear:
Peace, Ramin

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ramin. We must now allow the to misrepresent our nation. Iran and Israel can be good friends and those stupid cartoons about the Holocaust shouldn't be a basis to judge the people of Iran.

Keep up the good work Ramin.