Friday, December 08, 2006

Topics of Holocaust conference in Tehran

The so called Holocaust conference in Tehran, which will be held on December 11-12, 2006, announced it's topics, pretending to be a-political and respectful toward Judaism:

... Paying full respect for the Jewish religion, this conference will try to bring different aspects of this subject into its consideration away from any propaganda or political orientation. The main topics are as follows:

1. Historical Survey

1-1) The nature of anti-Semitism
1-2) Elements of anti-Semitism: Religious, Social, Political, Economic, etc.
1-3) Anti-Semitism in Europe
1-4) Jews in the Islamic World
1-5) Jews in Iran
1-6) Anti-Semitism and the emergence of Zionism
1-7) Opposition with Zionism or anti-Semitism
1-8) Nazism and Zionism; cooperation or hostility
1-9) World War II and Holocaust

2. Holocaust; concept and justification/evidence

2-1) Genocide; causes and agents
2-2) Roots and concept of Holocaust
2-3) Holocaust from the viewpoints of documents and evidence
2-4) Revisionists; viewpoints and their bases
2-5) Gas Chambers; denial or confirmation

3. Aftermath and exploitation

See full text on the website of the organizing department in the ministery of forign affairs of I.R. Iran:
The Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS)

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