Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 Snapped by Dutch Photographers

The Silver Camera award, which is the main photography contest in the Netherlands, announced it's winners in different categories.
گزیده ای از عکسهای برنده در بخشهای گوناگون مسابقه ی سالانه ی عکاسی در هلند
White as a symbol of hope: horses surrounded by water / Photo: Laurens Aaij / Winner of Silver Camera 2006 / Best photo essay domestic news

African migrants arrive on Tenerife / Photo: Jasper Juinen / 3th prize foreign news photo essay

Clowns visit an elderly house / Photo: Arie Kievit / Best documentary photo essay

Leader of socialist party visits striking labor / Photo: Jean-Piere Jans / 3th single photo politic news

See all photo's here: De Zilveren Camera 2006

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