Thursday, January 18, 2007

Storm تندباد

Pictures of today's storm in The Netherlands
تصاویری از تندباد درهلند، مربوط به امروز

West Coast / North See

Braassemermeer / Rijnsaterwoude

Photo: Dave Hoogeveen / Noordwijk

Wind Mill /Geffen


A highway in The Netherlands

More weather pictures from Holland


Regine said...

wow! it's wild! the storm`s been messing up everything here as well, a few days ago the roof on a neighbours house went off cause of the wind!
it is both scary, exiting and fascinating with this mighty weather..

Drama Div@ said...

following the return of heavy monsoon rains to southern states in peninsular Malaysia, Johor & Melaka after last month's severe flooding, thousands of victims faced food shortages, inundated thousands of homes and businesses. it was the worst flooding in a century in Malaysia....

previous years, we heard about the large tsunami attack, hurricane kartina.... Those were a whole lot worse than the flood in Johor or any other part of the world...
but still the victims need help. Do your part.

Crashdummie said...

Gosh, strong pics! I love the one with the mighty wave - forces of nature...