Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Jews of Iran" in Oxford

Screen shot from "Jews of Iran": Kids learning Judaism at Jewish school in Tehran

My documentary "Jews of Iran" will be shown during the upcoming Oxford international documentary festival in UK. I will be there for Q&A after the screening.

Screening time: Thursday 23 rd April, 4.00 p.m. – 5.30 p.m
Location: Ultimate Picture Palace, Jeune Street, Oxford

Local coverage of "Jews of Iran" in an article titled Documenting the Real World about Oxdox 2009:

Iranian-Dutch filmmaker Ramin Farahani peels back another layer of prejudice in Jews of Iran. After 2700 years of sometimes uneasy co-existence, the majority of Persian Jews fled following the fall of the Shah and anti-Semitism has since been rife in the Islamic Republic. Starting his odyssey in Teheran, Farahani visits the tomb of the biblical heroine Esther before showing how the community around the Sapir Hospital has been ghettoised in streets that once echoed to the sounds emanating from much-loved music shops but are now frequented by junkies and drug dealers. There are also positive stories, such as the friendship between two middle-class mothers and their teenage sons, but even respected artist Soleiman Sassoon (whose work blends Jewish religious motifs and indigenous Iranian designs) can't persuade his students to associate with their Jewish neighbours. His civilised carriage ride around the Isfahan square that once teemed with merchants and artists indifferent to ethnicity contrasts starkly with the seething suspicion that subsumed Shiraz following the imprisonment of 13 Jews, whose convictions for espionage were based entirely on circumstantial evidence and extorted confessions.

Parky at the Pictures, for The Oxford Times.

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